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Useful Links

Here are some web links which we think will be valuable for evaluating the usefulness of our services and useful to those who want to learn about and develop shareware. Enjoy

About Us

Spiderweb Software Homepage - Our main corporate web site. Good for finding out about us and our products, and a good example of a simple but easy to use shareware business web site.

Distribution Services - If you are ready to sell your product, you can look here to see what we can offer for shareware developers. A lot of potentially helpful information.

About Shareware

Association of Shareware Professionals - The leading organization for providing shareware information and advocacy. Every shareware developer should consider joining.

PAD File System - An up and coming standard for providing information about your programs. Very useful, and the generator is free. Give it a good look.

EuroShare - A fantastic information resource for shareware developers. First rate mailing list.

About Games

Sounddogs - A fantastic source for inexpensive, high quality sound effects. Incredibly useful.

Gamasutra - A marvelous online magazine on game design and the game industry. A must read.

If you have another link to a great shareware information resource, let me know! 

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