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Write Shareware!

(I wrote all of this information near the end of the previous century. A lot of it is still valid, but much of it is out of date. I hope to update it in the future, but I tend to be too busy just writing games. Enjoy, but be warned.)

Shareware? Why shareware? Shareware is a force for good. Anybody with a computer, anybody, even you, yes, even you, can sit down, write a great computer program, and sell it for lots of money! Lots of people have, and many more will in the future. The problem, however, is that there are very few places where a prospective shareware professional can come for tips on how to make it in this weird, chaotic field.

This site is intended as a clearing house for all manner of informationon shareware. How to design it. How to develop it. How to sell it. Welcome, and feel free to look around!

Introduction So what is Shareware anyway? Is it for me?
Designing Shareware You want to write a program? Here's advice!
Selling Shareware You've made a product and are ready to sell it. Now what?
Useful Links Need more programming advice? Want to know where to get sounds?

Help us! We want this to be a truly first rate information source for shareware developers! If you have your own ideas/hints/advice about shareware development and marketing, write us at spidweb@spiderwebsoftware.com. Write an article and send it over! We need all the information we can get!

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